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Freequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my request?

A request could take as little an hour, if we are not busy, and have part on hand. If we need to order parts, our it is not an emergency a request could take to a week to couple of weeks depends on part.

Will you enter my building if I say no?

No, If you request not to enter, we will not enter your place. If you request a time range we will try go in their during that time. We also call or email you back before we enter the your place, to confirm it. 

How will I know if the work is finished?

At the end of our maintenance request, we will email confirming the job is done, or if we need to come back. 

If I have emergency, what should I do?

 I would call the office at 920257-4880 and fill out the form above to let know.

We are a one-stop shop!

We will hired services coming soon, too hire us.

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